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International insurance consultant to insurance brokers Creator of a worldwide insurance broker alliance Insurance broker for global 'reverse flow business' Creator of CENTORIS: Web-based Management Information System (MIS): software application for the administration of global risks, insurance policies and losses.

Through a systematic evaluation of insurance risks, insurance policies and losses abroad, TRC achieves
data transparency which is indispensable for the implementation of uniform insurance policy standards on
a global basis. Concurrently natural catastrophe potential and country-specific compulsory insurance coverages
are considered as well.

We bundle international insurance broker 'Know-How' and forge powerful insurance broker alliances whereby we act as coordinators, organizers and supervisors for insurance brokers, global insurance companies and multinational corporations.

We assure high quality insurance transactions through
our contacts with proven insurance broker service partners abroad and bundle the business volume of our insurance broker members around the globe to achieve significant synergy and results.

When signing up with TRC you can choose from different levels of membership according to the total number of global clients for which local insurance broker service may be required

Gallagher enters Switzerland with Hesse stake

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. said on Monday that it has acquired 65% of the shares in Hesse & Partner A.G. and Hesse Consulting GmbH in Zurich.

Alliant Insurance Services Inc. agreed to acquire Crystal & Company.

Alliant Insurance Services Inc. said Thursday that it has agreed to acquire New York-based Crystal & Company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to close within the next 30 days, subject to customary closing conditions, Newport Beach, California-based specialty brokerage Alliant said in a statement.


Insurance Broker Members




Insurance Premium volume managed by TRC Members

in total worldwide =  

€ 23 billion

Annual insurance brokerage revenues of TRC Members

worldwide =  

€ 3000 million


branch offices

of TRC members service worldwide 


 global accounts

Active TRC insurance broker correspondents in 






Chris D.H. Leage

Director Global Accounts - OVAL Group, London/United Kingdom

Oval has enjoyed a decade-long business relationship with TRC built on trust and an appreciation of the professionalism of the TRC team based in Hamburg/Germany. Whenever new clients are referred to Oval with a request for local assistance, the level of risk information and clarity of instruction received from TRC are always of the highest quality. The excellent standards maintained by TRC ensure their members and clients receive a first class service.

Gregory Allard

Directeur Général Adjoint - Filhet-Allard & Cie., Paris/France

We have collaborated since 2004 with TRC, and it has been always a very professional and active relationship. We believe that thanks to the TRC team based in Hamburg/Germany, the organization provides very pro-active support to the members. The dedicated account managers are the key-drivers of successful implementations of international insurance programs as well as a perfect administration on a day-to-day basis.

Cyril Paul Haddad

Regional Director - Hadbrok Insurance Brokers, Giza/Egypt

Our cooperation with Trust Risk Control started over 10 years ago. We are very privileged to have worked and benefited from such professionalism. The TRC team, simply-put, is like a diamond. They have many facets working together to provide flawless service and value. They have always provided clarity and cutting edge technology and remain true to basic fundamentals. Their continued support in turning complex situations into simple ones has created many lasting opportunities with many clients throughout the Middle East and Africa. Thank you for your continued support which you do with a lot of style.


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