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TRUST RISK CONTROL (TRC IID) offers small and medium-sized independent, insurance brokers the chance to join a powerful international alliance of globally-minded insurance brokers. Its goal is to provide its insurance broker members with global synergy and, in this way, strengthen their capacity and independence.

All TRC members elect each and every 4 years an advisory Board of Management (BOM) which consists of 3 top executives of different TRC members with a significant level of international experience. They will consult the management of TRC in all daily business matters, e.g. in quality management issues. The advisory BOM also must approve new membership and/or service partner applications as well as any changes of insurance broker partners within the alliance. In this way not only a real partnership but also a continuous exchange of information will be assured.

At TRC you are treated as a true partner and can participate in the decision-making process via your representative on the advisory BOM. Each and every member who produces active business for the alliance has one vote for the election of the advisory BOM regardless of size and volume of international business.

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