In a recent member poll, Trust Risk Control received valuable feedback from its partners, shedding light on the successful 25-year journey and areas for further improvement. The responses, provided anonymously, reflect the diverse perspectives of 62 participants who shared their experiences and insights. We extend our sincere thanks to all participants who generously shared their insights in our recent member poll. Your feedback is invaluable, shaping the future of TRC.

Overall Satisfaction

The majority of participants expressed high satisfaction levels, with an average rating of 8.6 out of 10. Notably, 60% reported being extremely satisfied, showcasing the positive sentiment among TRC partners. Comments highlighted the global reach, quality of services, and transparent communication as key factors contributing to this satisfaction.

“TRC is an excellent organization and delivers at every level”

“Stability, responsible and honest management, straight language, reputation.“

Quality of Services

Survey participants evaluated specific services, with account management services, TRC DIGIT, and networking partner services receiving the highest ratings. The feedback emphasized the consistent delivery of quick responses, expertise, and proactive communication, showcasing TRC‘s commitment to fulfilling the expectations and preferences of our partners.

„Fast response and assistance, warm and polite communication, a feeling of one family“

„TRC DIGIT is a perfect tool for us“

Global Reach and Expertise

Partners acknowledged the significant benefits of TRC’s international presence, citing access to global expertise, collaboration opportunities, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The network’s impact on business growth and credibility was a recurring theme in the responses.

„What we value most about our partnership with Trust Risk Control are their global expertise and in-depth understanding of diverse markets…“

Future Improvements

In the spirit of continuous improvement, respondents provided constructive suggestions for enhancing the partnership experience. These included better data transmission, regional focus, increased updates and news, and fostering more collaboration among network members. The commitment to continuous improvement was highlighted, underscoring our dedication to actively work towards fulfilling these expectations.

A remarkable 74% of respondents expressed their intention to continue their partnership with TRC over the next five years, reflecting the trust and satisfaction built over the years. Factors influencing this decision included the balance between income and costs, the stability of the relationship, and the global changes in the industry.

„The familiarity and trust built through many, many years of cooperation.“

As we reflect on the survey results, it is evident that Trust Risk Control remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service and cultivating enduring partnerships. The positive feedback and thoughtful suggestions from our partners serve as a compass guiding us towards continuous improvement, ensuring TRC remains a trusted and valuable partner for many more years to come.