Our Christmas donation against poverty in Germany

Many people cannot afford a festive meal, so not everyone can enjoy a carefree Christmas.

Poverty is prevalent throughout the world. If we start in Germany, millions of people live here with income poverty or are threatened by it (above all recipients of ALG-II or social benefits, late resettlers and migrants, pensioners). When money is tight, most people save on their daily diet, which can put a strain on their health.

At the same time, large amounts of food accumulate daily at food producers and markets as well as at events, which – although of impeccable quality – can no longer be sold in the economic cycle and would otherwise often end up in the garbage. This includes supplies that are approaching the sell-by date, baked goods from the day before, seasonal items, overproduction, incorrectly packaged goods or fruit and vegetables with small blemishes.

The “Tafel” are the biggest food savers in Germany. It is an idea that benefits everyone involved. They support people in need by providing them with donated food. Grocery retailers and manufacturers assume social responsibility here. And those in need to receive high-quality food – as well as motivation for the future. Incidentally, the amount of waste produced is reduced for the benefit of the environment and valuable resources are conserved.

Trust Risk Control’s heartfelt concern this year is to support the local Hamburger Tafel. With our donation of 500 Euros, we are actively committed to fighting poverty and food waste. The Hamburger Tafel collects excess food from retailers and manufacturers and distributes it to 31 food distribution points in and around Hamburg. The number of those in need is increasing, so more and more help is needed. The Tafel cannot help without financial help, so we also ask you to fight against poverty and bestow upon a christmas meal.

Photo by Hamburger Tafel