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Trust Risk Control AG, Handelsregister Zug, Nr. CH-
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Information on the duty to provide information pursuant to Section 11 of the Insurance Mediation Ordinance.

TRUST RISK CONTROL International Broker Alliance GmbH is registered with the competent authority and accordingly entered in the register of intermediaries as an insurance broker in accordance with § 34 d para. 1 of the Industrial Code under the number D-QRG9-R6DMB-76.

The competent licensing authority is:
Handelskammer Hamburg
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20457 Hamburg
Telefon: 040-36138-0

The entry in the register of intermediaries can be checked here:
Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) e. V.
11052 Berlin
Phone: 0180-600585-0 (20 cents/call from a German landline, maximum 60 cents/call from mobile networks)

As an insurance broker, we offer advice. The remuneration – known as the brokerage fee – for our advisory, brokerage and support activities is borne by the insurance company in accordance with customary law. The brokerage fee is part of the insurance premium. Any deviation from this must be expressly agreed between us and the client. A separate remuneration agreement, which obliges the client to pay the remuneration, is usually agreed in particular for the brokerage of so-called net products. Net products are products for which the brokerage fee is not included in the insurance premium. Our company does not receive any remuneration in the form of other benefits.
Our company holds no direct or indirect interest in the voting rights or capital of an insurance company. An insurance company or parent company of an insurance company holds no interest in the voting rights or capital of our company.

Customer Information According to Art. 45 ISA

Important Notice: TRC AG (Trust Risk Control AG) operates exclusively as an insurance broker outside of Switzerland.

1. TRC AG – Your Insurance Broker

Trust Risk Control AG (hereinafter referred to as “TRC AG”) is an independent insurance intermediary company for all branches of insurance in accordance with Art. 40 para. 2 ISA. At the beginning of the cooperation with the customer, a customer advisor will be appointed to manage the customer’s insurance needs and serve as the direct contact person. TRC AG and its customer advisors have the necessary registrations to perform brokerage services under Swiss insurance supervision law (FINMA intermediary register No. F01046141).

2. Information on Services

The customer commissions TRC AG to provide ongoing management of their insurance under a relationship based on mutual trust through a separate brokerage agreement. The following information forms an integral part of a brokerage agreement, which can only be amended or supplemented by a document signed by both contracting parties. TRC AG is commissioned to negotiate with insurers on behalf of the customer, obtain offers, and, upon approval by the customer, place and manage the insurance. TRC AG advises and assists the customer in all insurance matters covered by the brokerage agreement, including risk and insurance analysis, formulating a risk and insurance policy, developing risk financing solutions, determining insurance needs, placing and managing insurance, providing legal advice through external lawyers, and supporting and accompanying the customer in claims situations with insurers. The advice provided by TRC AG’s customer advisors and specialists is based on many years of experience as insurance brokers and does not replace legal or tax advice from lawyers, banks, tax specialists, or authorities in specific cases.

3. Information on Cooperation with Foreign Insurance Brokers

Where it is deemed useful and necessary to fulfill any tasks arising from the brokerage agreement outside Switzerland, TRC AG is authorized, after consulting with the customer, to cooperate with a local insurance broker abroad and to transmit the necessary data to them.

4. Information on Compensation

For the services provided under clause 2, TRC AG is compensated with a market-standard brokerage fee paid by the insurer. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the insurance premium paid by the customer and is included in the premiums offered by insurers. Before the start of the brokerage agreement, TRC AG informs the customer about the calculation basis and ranges or the estimated amount of the expected fees based on the available information about the customer’s insurance portfolio. By signing a brokerage agreement, the customer agrees to waive the right to reclaim the fee and confirms that they have been explicitly informed about TRC AG’s compensation. TRC AG discloses the actual amounts received upon request. TRC AG explicitly waives any volume, growth, or claims-based additional compensation from third parties. Other forms of compensation must be agreed upon in writing between the contracting parties. For additional services requested by the customer, TRC AG will agree on a separate fee with the customer in advance. Revenues from brokerage activities are exempt from VAT in Switzerland (Art. 21 para. 18 lit. d VAT Act). Compensation for services under clause 2 is subject to possible VAT claims following any practice change by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. TRC AG does not assume liability for the correct payment of any customer taxes, such as insurance taxes.

5. Information on Cooperation with Insurers

TRC AG enters into cooperation agreements with insurers licensed in Switzerland as needed but is neither legally, economically, nor otherwise bound to any insurance company under Swiss insurance supervision law. TRC AG manages the customer’s insurance contracts in agreement with the relevant insurers. TRC AG also provides services that reduce the workload for insurers. However, TRC AG is expressly loyal to the customer and represents only their interests. The responsible insurer usually handles risk identification and claims settlement in agreement with TRC AG; at the customer’s request, TRC AG supports and accompanies the customer in claims handling and settlement. Premium collection is generally carried out directly by the insurer.

6. Information on Data Protection, Data Security, and Confidentiality

TRC AG ensures that its employees handle entrusted data in accordance with the principles of Swiss data protection law. Where data transmission abroad is necessary for the proper fulfillment of brokerage services, the customer agrees to the transfer of their data abroad by TRC AG in compliance with data protection regulations. The customer agrees to data processing by TRC AG using applications offered by insurers or third parties for simplified administrative management of policies. All customer data and information obtained in the course of contract management will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purposes of the brokerage agreement. Data carriers are kept secure at TRC AG and are only accessible to TRC AG employees. Strict confidentiality will be maintained with respect to unrelated third parties beyond the contract period. TRC AG reserves the right to pass on data to service providers as necessary for fulfilling brokerage services or for error correction and improvement of TRC AG applications. This includes forwarding data to insurers or third-party providers for policy tendering or renewal and in connection with claims. The current privacy policy of TRC AG is available at and forms an integral part of a brokerage agreement.

7. Information on Education and Training of Employees

The registered customer advisors and specialists of TRC AG have the legally required training and undergo mandatory continuing education in accordance with Art. 43 ISA. Industry organizations recognized by FINMA monitor compliance with legal minimum standards. Inquiries about the training or continuing education of individual registered customer advisors and specialists can be directed to:

TRUST RISK CONTROL AG Management Grabenstrasse 9 6300 Zug

8. Information on Liability

TRC AG performs its services with customary business diligence. For any damage arising from negligence, errors, or incorrect information, TRC AG is liable to the customer according to the following principles: TRC AG, its group and subsidiary companies, and their officers and employees are only liable for intentional or grossly negligent breaches of contract and only for any causal damages, costs, and expenses directly and immediately incurred by the customer from such intentional or grossly negligent breaches of contract. Any liability for such damages, including all costs and expenses, is limited to twice the annual compensation for TRC AG under a brokerage agreement, but in all cases to a maximum of CHF 2,000,000. TRC AG is not liable for claims due to intentional, grossly negligent, or faulty behavior of the customer, its officers, or employees, or for claims for damages due to incomplete, incorrect, or misleading documents, information, or statements by the customer or third parties.

TRUST RISK CONTROL AG Grabenstrasse 9 6300 Zug