804, 2024

India – De-notification of certain Tariffs

India’s Insurance industry is one of the premium sectors experiencing upward growth. This upward growth of the insurance industry can be attributed to growing incomes and increasing awareness in the industry. India is one of the top 10 largest non-life insurance [...]

204, 2024

New flexible benefits platform launched by REGO Group

New flexible benefits platform launched by REGO Group for Portugal and Spain aims towards changing how employees are compensated PeopleInBest, the latest brand in the flexible benefits sector and Human Resources compensation management, announces its official launch and entry into the [...]

603, 2024

Expertise in the Mongolian market – AME CINCo Group

Mongolia Population 3,530,000 GDP 12.4bn GDP Growth 3.5% GDP Growth (Industry) 33.1% Inflation 13% Major Industries construction materials mining (coal, copper, molybdenum, fluorspar, and gold) oil food and beverages processing of animal products Exports now [...]

702, 2024

China Property Insurance Market Overview 2023

According to statistics from the Chinese National Financial Regulatory Administration, in the first 10 months of the year 2023, the direct insurance premium income of the property insurance industry increased by 7.16% from 2022. This rate is lower than the 9.94% [...]

1701, 2024

New Compulsory Insurance in Hungary – Environmental Pollution

From the 1st of January, 2024 a new Government Decree on the detailed rules of environmental insurance related to waste management entered into force in Hungary - under the number of 681/2023. (XII. 29.) -, which establishes an obligation for both [...]

1601, 2024

South Africa – Political & Labour Violence Coverage

South Africa, a country with a multi-faceted history and diverse social challenges, has taken significant legislative steps in recent decades to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens. 2024 is an election year in South Africa, so an increased risk [...]

801, 2024

UAE Regulatory Update: New Unemployment Insurance Scheme

About the Involuntary Loss of Employment Scheme Enacted through Federal Decree Law No. 13 of 2022 on the Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE), this distinctive Scheme ensures financial protection for individuals who experience job loss unrelated to disciplinary measures or voluntary [...]

2012, 2023

Argentina: New Developments in Reinsurance Tax

As of December 19, 2023, the recently implemented tax on reinsurance remains at a fixed rate of 25% on premiums ceded to overseas reinsurers. However, it is important to note that this percentage exhibits variability among carriers and risks, particularly when [...]

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