The consciousness of a company to be part of a local and global society has become, over the last decades, an increasingly important theme. Most companies like to partake and promote various forms of socially beneficial undertakings to take an active role in making the world a better place. We want to present to you some of our current socially beneficial projects.

Sponsorship of Children in South East Asia:

TRC has taken over the sponsorship of several children through the organizations Sponsoring Communities and PLAN International. Both companies are dedicated to providing the fulfillment of basic needs and receiving education for children.

For many years, we are happy to help children rise above poverty by providing a fulfillment of their basic needs, which enables them to focus on their education. A week ago, one of our sponsored children named Abisha, completed her traineeship of a medical dialysis course successfully. We are now happy to take over a new sponsorship of Haridhasree, who is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce education.

Hörer helfen Kindern (Radio Listeners Supporting Children)

Hörer helfen Kindern is a non-profit organization funded by our local radio broadcaster Radio Hamburg. Since its foundation in 1988, Radio Hamburg has gathered over 9 Mio. Euros of donations have been used to support sick, disabled, and disadvantaged children in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein’s federal states.

Initiated by the idea of one of our Key Account Managers, Mrs. Lilly Hengelhaupt, we collected during the last Christmas time private donations of TRC employees with additional funding provided by Trust Risk Control.

The largest share of the donations was Christmas presents for children in six of Hamburg’s women’s shelters.

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Kay Mosbach
Kay MosbachManaging Assistant & Accounting, Hamburg