RENOMIA has bought a stake in the largest insurance broker in Croatia – FORTIUS INTER PARTES (Fortius), which also has branches in two other countries, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to this step, RENOMIA will have an ownership stake in companies in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, RENOMIA operates a unified network of high-quality partners throughout the entire Central and Eastern Europe region and former Soviet Union. All together this region consists of almost 30 countries and can be coordinated through one centre in Prague, which guarantees the quality of the services and closely monitors the situation in every country. This approach accomplishes our vision of being a stable and reliable partner as well as provider of excellent services to clients in this huge part of Europe.

Fortius was founded in 2003 and operates in the field of corporate insurance including international incoming/outgoing business and facultative reinsurance in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while being the largest broker in Croatia. Fortius employs 34 colleagues. The Fortius team has a great reputation, is very experienced and is interested in further developing the company in the region.

RENOMIA has prepared a long-term investment program for its future, which will support its development in individual countries and the group as a whole and will also contribute to the cultivation of the market in the CEE region.