RENOMIA has taken a majority shareholder position in the experienced Polish insurance broker Alfa Brokers.

Alfa Brokers was founded in 1991 by the Gerne family and operates as a corporate insurance and employee benefits broker. With more than 30 experienced colleagues, the Alfa Brokers team has a great reputation and shares the same culture and vision as they do in RENOMA.
Alfa Brokers has its headquarters in Torun, in the western part of Poland – a developed region with good infrastructure. The company will continue to operate under current CEO Tomasz Chojnowski. RENOMIA is also passionate about the upcoming opening of their new office with an experienced international team in Warsaw, the capital city. 
Poland is the largest central European country with 38 million citizens and an economy with long-term growth. The decision to enter Poland is another important step in fulfilling our vision of being the best and the leading insurance broker in the Central Europe region. RENOMIA now operates in 11 countries in this region. RENOMIA can uniformly coordinate their unified services in other nearby countries through their reliable franchise partners.

RENOMIA will stay positive about the future in the region and is ready to provide a great service to all clients.

©This article was first published by Michal Holzer, International Director at RENOMIA