The leading princible of our Global TRC Network is “WE ARE TRC”. TRC is not a company based in Hamburg, Switzerland and United States but a community of thousands of people in 178 countries. Corona deaths have spiked in mid 2021 in India and many Indian people had difficults to access necessary medical treatments. Further salary cuts and unpaid wages put burdens especially on poverty-stricken famalies. Therefore, we have decided to make a donation with J.B. Boda to the Indian charity organization Ramakrishna Mission Students Home. Swami Satyajnanananda, Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission Students’ Home reports in more detail on the activities in India.

Ramakrishna Mission Students Home was started in the year 1905. It provides free education, food, and accommodation to around 700 poor and orphan students every year. The expenses of the Home are met from the donations received from the philanthropic public, institutions, and government grants. The Home is not collecting fees from the students for their education, food, or accommodation. Home has three units – Residential High School, Residential Polytechnic College and Primary School – all are situated in the Home campus.

Apart from maintaining and educating poor and orphan students, the Home undertakes primary relief as well as rehabilitation works during natural disasters like flood, cyclone and drought conditions, epidemics, or pandemics. From 2020 onwards, we have undertaken covid-19 relief activities for the benefit of the poor and needy families.

Covid-19 Pandemic relief activity – Providing Grocery Kits to Private School Teachers

During the pandemic lockdown, the teachers, especially working in private schools could not cope up with the financial problems created by the nil or lesser salaries for many month due to the closure of the schools. We have identified 750 needy private school teachers who get 50% or fewer salaries per month in various districts of Tamil Nadu, most of them from towns and villages. Each family was given Rs.1000 worth groceries Kit. TRC was kind enough to donate money towards Relief work to fight against Coronavirus on which we could spend for the above relief activity. We thank you for this noble gesture.

Sponsorship for maintenance and education of students

As the months passed, economical stress of the affected families due to Covid-19 pandemic lockdown somewhat decreased. We, as an institution needed more funds to run our Residential High School for the underprivileged students. The Students’ Home every year provides free education to all the students in our residential High School. Giving books, notebooks, other educational aids to students, meeting school laboratory expenses and related expenses need donations from well-wishers.

We needed money for creating a sponsorship endowment fund which is needed for our Students Home to maintain and educate the students. This is our important requirement as on date. TRC was kind enough to donate money for the sponsorship. At present 253 poor and orphan students are maintained with free food, accommodation and other personal needs along with education in the Students Home.

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Swami Satyajnanananda
Swami SatyajnananandaSecretary, Ramakrishna Mission Students' Home