Dear partners, the following is an open letter from Ukrainian insurers and brokers’ associations.

Dear colleagues and partners!

Since February 24, 2022, Ukraine has been fighting against the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.
You know that the Russian army invaded the territory of Ukraine practically from every direction with only one goal: to prevent the people of Ukraine from realizing their European civilized choice of development.
The resistance of the Ukrainian people, the support from almost the whole World will not allow the Russian authorities to accomplish their criminal goals!
We are grateful to the World for every military, diplomatic and economic assistance to the people of Ukraine in our struggle for the common values of freedom, peace and democracy. Together, we shall defeat the new fascism!
The negative attitude of the world business towards Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is growing. The number of foreign companies which refuse to cooperate with Russian enterprises is growing every day.
On behalf of the Insurance Business Association, the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, the Kharkiv Union of Insurers, the National Association of Insurers of Ukraine, the Federation of Insurance Intermediaries of Ukraine – all associations of insurers and insurance brokers in our country – we ask you to take the following measures that will prevent the country-aggressor from continuing the war:

  1. Regardless of the sanctions imposed at the state level, do not insure or reinsure any risks of Russian insurance companies, risks originating from the Russian Federation or in relation to the interests of any resident entities of the Russian Federation. Risks from Russian insurers and from the territory of the Russian Federation should be recognized as highly «toxic» ones.

  2. Do not invest in Russian insurance companies and do not issue financial guarantees or additional capital to them in any form. Block the funds of Russian insurers and reinsurers, do not make any reinsurance payments, refunds of payments, etc. for the Russian Federation, so as not to provide the country-aggressor with any additional financial resources.

  3. Stop activities of the subsidiaries of the Western insurance or brokerage companies, as well as their representative offices in Russia.

  4. Disconnect Russian insurers from any information and educational support, conferences, seminars and trainings.

Please share this information among all national associations for transfer to their members.

Sincerely yours,

Insurance Business Association, General director                                         Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky

League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, President                           Oleksandr Filoniuk

Kharkiv Union of Insurers, President                                                                 Liudmyla Vremenko

National Association of Insurers of Ukraine, General director                     Denis Yastreb

Federation of Insurance Intermediaries of Ukraine, General director        Serhii Inshakov