A major German health insurer states that insurance cover for persons in Russia and Ukraine continues to exist without any limitation, as long as these persons do not actively participate in the war (Passive war cover for non-combatants).

The insurer underlines, however, that due to current sanctions all claim payments, direct settlements with medical institutions and cost guarantees will be examined closely. Therefore, claim settlement may take more time than usual. Direct claim payments in US-Dollars to insured persons in Russia are not possible as consequence of the sanctions. Settlements to insured persons in Ukraine may be subject to transfer difficulties due to the situation of armed conflict.

Since Ukraine has declared to be in war and air space has been closed in Russia and Ukraine, the risk exists that evacuations and return flights to the home country for medical reasons cannot take place.

The co-insurance of new persons in existing contracts with the destination Russia or Ukraine must be agreed individually by the insurer, who is to be approached in any such case.

It may be expected that other health and travel insurers will publish similar statements within the next days.

Source:  Wolfgang KotlanHealth insurance for Expats – consequences of Ukraine crisis (March 2nd, 2022), URL: https://www.greco.services/en/news/ukraine-expat-insurance.html (March 7th, 2022)